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Dear Visitor,
MARION REALTY is proud to launch her new website after being successfully in business for
19 YEARS and also we have been awarded the International Quality Summit Award (IQS) in
the Gold category by Business Initiative Directions (BID) in 2008.

The award is presented in recognition of quality, excellence and innovation within companies or organizations in different countries throughout the world which further their reputation and position by implementing and promoting quality culture.

The award also recognizes and encourages the contribution of companies and organizations to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction as
well as improving relations with employees, suppliers and all those associated with the company.

BID has awarded companies and professionals from 178 countries since 1986. This prestigious
award is given to leaders by leaders who are all oriented towards change and market trends,
focused on innovation, growing brands, technology, new products, business news and finance.


With the world becoming increasingly more and more digital, Marion Realty has decided to
dedicate all our resources to our client focused website www.marionr.com and other digital

I look forward to greeting you on-line.
Happiness and Good Wishes.
Rebecca M. Timp